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My wife shops at the supermarket, where I pick up every Thursday after work, I'm waiting at the entrance where I got the call to chat and tie, which was new and was from Kenya two weeks ago that was about 6 feet and really black children snizzshare with his wife, his English was broken but still good. Offerd him and come to our city. agreed, my wife approached my wife looked at him almost overnight the problems, because she was wearing a tight top rock type little snizzshare low. and has made great. we were all drunk jokes, etc. , when I offered to sober him again before snizzshare he went home. back to our sleeping on the couch, so I left and went to bed and started staiirs sex was on the bed with my wife at the69 position I suck. with a noise that I was seconds after the door was opened ato, thought to be ashamed, has had some problems. We laugh and come in white people have sex. He closed the door and watched. wasNot long before he stroked his trousers, then oh my God that it has never se